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Minimal Access Spinal Technologies (MAST)

With the introduction of minimal access spinal technologies (MAST), spine surgeons have the opportunity to create the least amount of invasion possible, while at the same time accomplish identical results as open spine surgery. Due to the acute accuracy provided by these tools, surgeons create a smaller surgical work area.

Bone Morphogenetic Protein (BMP)

Historically, bone was harvested from the iliac crest of a patient during spinal fusion procedures. Unfortunately, this process was very painful and oftentimes the harvest sites became infected. Southern Bone & Joint, based on best practice evidence, utilizes bone grafts which do not require iliac crest bone harvest. Sometimes, he will use a protein called BMP as an adjunct.

Trace protein extracts are found in bones and are required for the bone to heal or regenerate. A sufficient amount of the protein must be available in order to begin bone formation. Scientists have developed a usable form of BMP that is now being used in place of bone harvested from a patient’s hip. This bone graft is made from pure bone protein (minerals and collagen) and absorbable collagen sponge that promotes new bone formation. Studies show that the positive results achieved from surgery using BMP equal that of an autograft procedure (in which bone is taken from the hip).


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