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Information for Primary Care Physicians about spine surgery:

If you are a physician and would like to refer a patient to any of the orthopedic specialists, or The Spine Center at Southern Bone and Joint Specialists, PA,  you can call 601.554.7400.

Southern Bone & Joint Specialists, PA emphasizes conservative and non-surgical treatment options where possible in advance of surgery. When surgery is necessary, the fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeons and spine surgeons use the most advanced minimally invasive surgical techniques and robotic-assisted technology.  

Southern Bone & Joint Specialists, PA believes healthcare starts with a well-informed consumer. 

For example, this Internet site represents an online encyclopedia on joint pain, all types of orthopedic injury, and back pain and neck pain. The web site has symptom charts on back and neck pain, and all types of joint pain.  The site also features medical illustrations, customized exercises and home remedies that can relieve pain symptoms.

Southern Bone & Joint Specialists, PA provides to primary care physicians and chiropractors in Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama and the Gulf Coast of Florida 10 free copies of the following Patient Education tools for distribution to their patients: 

  • A 36-page Home Remedy Book that has helped thousands of people with symptom relief.
  • A Symptom Chart for Joint Pain that shows what can be causing knee, hip, arm, shoulder, hand, foot or ankle problems.
  • A Symptom Chart for back and neck pain that shows when the patient can use watchful waiting or when they need to see the specialist to prevent symptoms from becoming permanent.
  • A 16-page Back to Life Journal that covers advances in spine surgery and artificial disc replacement.
  • A 20-page Joint Handbook that covers advances in joint pain treatment and robotic technology for orthopedic surgery.